QA / Bug Writing

I adapted our Bandzoogle testing philosophy here. Potentially my greatest achievement is discontinuing Internet Explorer support.

I made a QA form for our support team to use when sending over bugs for testing to reduce back-and-forth and delay in resolution for members. This has improved our response time, our fix time, and customer satisfaction!

To ensure I'm always getting our developers the pertiment information on each issue, I also made a bug tracking template for myself. I also formalized the bug fix flow, helping to reduce confusion and speed up response time for members. We've also instituted Bug Fix Friday, dedicating Fridays to fixing smaller, non-urgent issues and UX improvements.

UI/UX Writing & User Research

I've rewritten a lot of microcopy and tool tips in the Bandzoogle sitebuilder. Here's an example of some microcopy improvements I've made, and a small selection of knowledgebase articles and technical writing samples.

I enjoy creating user stories and personas. Here are a few use cases for some features and suggested tools.

For my full resume, click here.

Desi Does (Pizza)

I've run my own blog since 2012, and in 2016, spun it off into a blog where I review pizza. Can you guess what my favorite food is?

Desi Does is a lifestyle and travel blog built on Wordpress that has morphed over the years. It started as a personal finance blog, became a reasonably successful running/workout blog, and now I write mostly about career, entertainment, and travel. I've done all the branding and outreach for both blogs, created content calendars, and managed social media strategies as well.

Desi Does Pizza is a blog hosted on Bandzoogle where I review pizza I've eaten, talk about pizza I want to eat, and share ridiculous pizza industry news.

Here are some of my favorite and most popular posts from each blog!

  • 2018 reading challenge
  • An Interview With Paulie Gee's Derrick Tung
  • What's wrong with your blog
  • Five Points Pizza, 1012 Woodland St., Nashville, TN
  • How to keep your New Year's Resolutions on track with quarterly reviews
  • This Month in Pizza: May 2017

  • Need some content? I'm currently open for freelancing - click here to email me!

    But on the side, I like creative coding and making silly web apps. I also dabble in some website and social media management.

    Three Good Things

    An app that encourages gratitude by prompting you to input three good things every day, built with Javascript, jQuery, and JSON.

    What should we watch?

    A TV/Movie randomizer built with Javascript so my partner and I don't have to make decisions about what to put on TV.

    I need a project name!

    A simple project name generator Javascript app built on Glitch, remixed from Kristen Cabrera's Subscription app.

    Book Covers I Love

    To practice my CSS skills, I've been rebuilding my favorite book covers in CSS. The page also includes a Javascript random book generator.

    worry worry worry

    A responsive web app to walk users through a negative thought cycle.

    More projects soon!

    I like figuring out how to make things to solve problems. Stay tuned for something new soon!